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Our molding shop manufactures cleaning spheres or pellets. Cleaning spheres or pellets are small rubber balls or pellets that come in varying hardnesses and diameters, depending on their application.They are used to clean or prevent build-up of products which have a tendency to accumulate.The spheres or pellets are set in motion by a…
Every year, PICARD Technologies® develops new high-performance elastomers in response to the most challenging of modern industrial demands. Our goal: to offer the most appropriate solutions for your sealing needs.PICARD Technologies® has the capacity to produce O-ring tools in our workshops, thereby reducing costs and delivery times for customers.We are committed to finding…
Since setting up our molding shop, we decided to make our own molds on site, to give us complete command over our operations and guarantee our customers the following services: SPEED : Once the profile and material of the part have been decided on, a 3D drawing of the mold is made, then…
Suction cups are part of our molded parts family. We can tailor-make suction cups to your specifications or help you define the technical criteria for your needs. Our suction cups are available in the following options: -  With or without inserts (plastic or metal)-  Out of elastomers, Viton®, silicone, Nitrile®, Parablond, polyurethane, etc.- …