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Our business

Design - Innovation - Control

Molding Shop - Elastomer and Rubber Parts

moulage6Our molding shop produces parts out of elastomers and rubbers.

-    Mono or multi-material parts (the combination of two elastomers or an elastomer plus  plastics);
-    Parts overmolded with different materials (silicone + Peek®, Teflon® + Viton®, EPDM + stainless steel, etc.);
-    Parts made out of practically all grades of existing elastomers;
-    Mono or multi range of hardnesses (from 20 ShA to over 54 ShD);
-    From unit to large-scale production;
-    Standard or certified elastomers(FDA, 3A, KTW, KIWA, aerospace norms, etc.);
-    O-rings

As in the machining shop, our engineers work closely with our clients to help them define the appropriate specifications for the parts they require, based on how and where the parts are to be used, cleaned and maintained. Careful attention is also paid to ensure compliance with any prevailing standards (FDA, 3A, WRAS, ACS, etc.) in the country or countries where the parts are to serve.
To help you save time and money, we make our own molds in house. This gives us control over the whole manufacturing process of each part, from the specifications to the design stage, via the creation of the mold, the molding and finishing processes, quality control and, lastly, delivery.

See: Mold makingelastomere-et-caoutchouc


Zone d’activité Plateau d’Herin
2 rue Louis Duvant

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Fax : +33 (0) 3 27 21 01 66
Email : contact@picard-technologies.com