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Our business

Design - Innovation - Control

Mold making


Since setting up our molding shop, we decided to make our own molds on site, to give us complete command over our operations and guarantee our customers the following services:

rapidite SPEED : Once the profile and material of the part have been decided on, a 3D drawing of the mold is made, then converted into a CAD/CAM file so that the mold can be machined using the most appropriate machine.
flexibilite FLEXIBILITY :
Our design office, machining and molding shops as well as our post-production testing and shipping services are located on the same site. This means that a mold can be designed in the morning, machined in the afternoon and a prototype part produced and tested by the end of the day (non-complex parts and molds, of course!).
Consolidating our design, manufacturing, testing and shipping operations on the same site allows us to offer competitive prices: no additional charges on design, materials and machining, and no additional transportation. Everything is produced on site, under the PICARD Etanchéité® banner.
qualite QUALITY :
A prototype part is molded to test the mold. If we are not satisfied, it is returned and may be reworked or even very quickly remade, then tested until it conforms exactly to specifications.


Zone d’activité Plateau d’Herin
2 rue Louis Duvant

Phone : +33 (0) 3 27 21 02 01
Fax : +33 (0) 3 27 21 01 66
Email : contact@picard-technologies.com