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Innovative materials

We manufacture for you.

Sanitary Design and Construction of Food Equipment - http://www.ufl.edu/Ronald H. Schmidt and Daniel J. EricksonTo ensure safe food and adequate sanitation programs, the equipment used for processing and handling food products must be designed, fabricated, constructed, and installed according to sound sanitary design principles. This ensures the equipment can be adequately cleaned and…
Elastomix® is a high-grade elastomer specially designed to meet modern industry’s most punishing tasks. Combining the physical and chemical attributes of several elastomers, Elastomix® offers:- Excellent mechanical resistance - Very good resistance to abrasion and friction and performs better mechanically than an FPM in a temperature range of 100° C to 170° C-…
What is Sideflon®?       Sideflon® is a modern material developed by PICARD Technologies® in 2011.         The original objective was to obtain a material whose technical properties would rival, if not better, those of PTFE + 25% carbon/graphite, a benchmark in the industrial sector, while remaining food grade (FDA and EU 1935/2004). After…
PICARD Technologies® has been marketing the Sideseal® line throughout the majority of industrialized countries for over thirty years. What is SIDESEAL®? Sideseals are high performance oil seals for tough applications. They can be installed in open or closed housings, depending on the profile used.Sideseals® are manufactured at our Valenciennes facilities, using top quality…