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Aseptic Pistons and shut-off valves

Filling aseptic pistons

We carry an extensive selection of metering and inch pistons in our standard range, spanning 14 mm to over 200 mm in diameter, all made entirely in our on-site workshops.

piston1We study and design the perfect piston solution, be it for the modification, improvement or renovation of existing machines or simply for the replacement of an existing model. We rigorously select the optimal materials for your piston, based on the part’s employment and its cleaning parameters.

Shut-off valves and rotating disc valves

Volumetric fillers are normally filled via conical shut-off valves or rotating disc valves.

boisseaux1These shut-off valves or rotating disc valves are made from several materials, carefully selected for their properties that help optimize the functioning of the machines.
As with the pistons, we study and design all the parts in our workshops.

Machined plastic and composite parts