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Decoupe Express


Decoupe Express produces standard and non-standard seals and flat gaskets to meet the compliance requirements that govern the food processing industry (FDA and 3A), drinking water services (ACS and SDWA), the petroleum and many other industries.
The materials we use include:

-    Elastomers (nitrile, Viton®, EPDM, Neoprene®, silicone, Hypalon®, etc.)
-    Gasket sheets (Klingerit ®, Latty®, Tesnit ®, etc.)
-    Tear-resistant papers, felts, various foams, corks, polyethylenes, graphites, Teflon® PTFE, etc.

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Decoupe Express belongs to the PICARD Technologies® group and completes the group’s comprehensive services.
To simplify your supplier list and reduce costs, your entire parts order can be supplied through PICARD Technologies®.